From tri-athletes to those who are totally new to exercise, we invite you to experience the life changing effect Pilates has on physical and mental health. We are passionately committed to increasing the Pilates population one spring at a time, and invite you to become part of an exciting new collective on the Northern Beaches.


Spring cinque

The Reformer is a bed like frame that supports a moving carriage. The movement of the carriage is controlled by a set of springs that are used to create varying levels of resistance. The Reformer has become a hugely popular piece of apparatus, facilitating controlled resistance-based exercise programmes for a diverse clientele.


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The Tower (also known as Cadillac or Trap Table) adds further variety to spring based resistance with the addition of suspended apparatus. Movement patterns progress from horizontal to vertical, delivering endless programming possibilities for those looking to expand their Pilates repertoire.

The Spring Collective
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