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Nurturing the pilates population
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The Spring Collective is a boutique Pilates Studio, nestled in the heart of Seaforth, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Combining popular Pilates Reformer and specialised Tower classes, The Spring Collective is a progressive assembly point for those seeking a specialised Pilates workout, led by dynamic instructors, supported by world-class apparatus.

With class programmes that combine classical methodologies with a fresh contemporary feel, hosted by some of the northern beaches best Pilates instructors, your Pilates journey is in very capable and caring hands.

At our studio, commitment to client care and experience is paramount. Our collective space has been designed to optimise your practice with small class sizes, and provide an opportunity to discover an authentic community within a densely populated schedule of 50+ classes per week.

From the Pilates fanatic to the first-timer, The Spring Collective is committed to providing an inclusive environment where you are encouraged to embrace your foundation and build a stronger, leaner, fitter version of yourself by incorporating Pilates into your weekly schedule.

Our professional pledge is to guide you safely through controlled movement patterns that will support and improve the performance of any existing physical activity and enrich your everyday life through body and mind.


For the love of movement
and a fresh margarita

Our instructor pool is rich in diversity and experience. With professional backgrounds spanning Personal Training, Group Fitness, rehabilitation, dance and holistic health, The Spring Collective Team are well versed in human movement across a variety of disciplines and client types

An authentic belief in the incomparable power of Pilates for optimal physical and mental health brings these inspiring individuals into a powerful collective. They also share a passion for swimming in the ocean, Pana chocolate and the occasional margarita (fresh not frozen!)

Jaime Lake O’Dea

Jaime Lake O’Dea

The depth and breadth of our founder’s resume are almost as impressive as her Lululemon tight collection. Graduating from Cardiff University with a (BA) Honours in Sport and Human Movement and a Post Grad in Education at Southampton, Jaime was firm in her pursuit of a métier in movement from the get-go.

Following an 8-year tenure as a High School PE Teacher, Jaime traded the popular seaside town of Bournemouth (UK) for slightly more sun-drenched South Curl Curl and began working as a Personal Trainer at Richard Branson’s inaugural Australian fitness flagship. Whilst maintaining her client portfolio, Jaime’s love for teaching had not subsided and so Group Fitness began to punctuate her diary. She rapidly developed a strong following through high-energy classes like Body Attack and strength-based training through the Les Mills global giant Body Pump. Her penchant for premium squat technique and the perfect push-up, set an inspirational precedent, her classes constantly obtaining full house status. This was all BP (Before Pilates) when Jaime discovered a passion that would surpass her motivation to move herself and others more than ever before.

For Jaime, Pilates provides a wholly inclusive movement programme for all body types and levels of physical aptitude. From Tri-athletes to postpartum mums, Jaime believes Pilates is a guaranteed gateway to the strongest, leanest, fittest version of you.

Jaime’s slick programming has not only resulted in a continually waitlisted class schedule, but provided a compass for local and international peers aspiring to a flow that leaves you feeling reinvigorated, recharged and re-balanced on every occasion. She pulls from a vast pool of knowledge and an education that includes Polestar, Breathe Education, STOTT classical training via Power Pilates (NYC). Her education interface with Pilates luminaries Lesley Logan and Anula Maiberg cements her commitment to the provision of proven methods, the latest in international innovation, and authenticates The Spring Collective as a premium destination for apparatus base Pilates on the Northern Beaches.

Laurie Creasy

Laurie Creasy

Movement has always been an important part of Laurie’s life. From pivoting around netball courts to pirouetting through Dance Studios, her early years were spent at high speed and normally with a sequin or two in tow. Whilst maintaining a love of dance and sport, Laurie opted into a (BA) Hons Communication Degree at Bournemouth University (UK), where she explored her other favourite topic of people via Social Psychology, Literature and Media. During her final year, Laurie decided to formalise her passion for fitness into a part-time profession gaining an RSA/ OCR in Exercise to Music. Grapevines and Box Steps turned into Hill Climbs and Interval Sprints and with it an introduction to Les Mills RPM, Body Attack and CX Worx. Whilst her addiction to high energy continued, after her second baby (who seemingly received the high-velocity gene at birth), Laurie recognised the implicit need to build the human engine strong from the inside – recognition aided by pro-lapse and 4cm abdominal separation.

Despite initial scepticism as a participant, due to a lack of sweat and sore derriere, Laurie attended an intensive Mat course and peeled back the important layers within Anatomy and Physiology to connect with a discipline that she now loves as much as high kicks and push-ups. A second course on the Reformer cemented Laurie’s appreciation for controlled yet powerful movement and as a result, a schedule that sees the freelance instructor spending an increasing amount of time in grippy socks as well as her faithful Nikes.

Laurie’s Pilates methodology is firmly underpinned by her simple belief that the human body is made to move and that state of mind is optimised if a life incorporates purposeful movement every day.

Kimberley Forwood

Kimberley Forwood

With 12 marathons delivered over two decades, across multiple terrains, this Northern Beaches trainer's knowledge of integrating pilates into pounding pavements is second to none. Combine this with her entry into Pilates instigated by some of her own post partum challenges, Kim is an authentic walk the talk type of coach.

Having worked in London and Sydney as a PT collecting impressive qualifications in Rehab, Mental Health, Nutrition, and a plethora of pelvic floor and pregnancy certifications, Kim’s teaching approach is totally holistic. Her knowledge of different body types and the effect of diverse training regimes on internal composition, aesthetics and bio mechanical performance is second to none.

Kim's real passion for Pilates is that all bodies will benefit, her validation best acknowledged within her approach as a PT that is now underpinned by deploying Pilates as the captain of her applauded fitness programmes. With a diverse client portfolio that has included high performing athletes, recovering post op patients of hip and knee replacements, as well as new mums making a return to exercise, there are not many injuries or prerequisites that Kim hasn’t navigated with reputable success.

If you are able to catch a class with Kim at The Spring Collective you will discover a incredibly gentle and nurturing teacher who takes time to know you and your body implicitly, so that your time spent in the studio will always be relevant to your personal routine and realistic to your fitness level.

Stephanie Hill

Stephanie Hill

Energy runs high through Steph’s DNA. With a weekly schedule that oscillates rapidly between Fire-fighting, Iron-Man training and occasional Surf Boat Rowing, if you are feeling low on endorphins, this born and bred Aussie has an excess available for loan!

On completion of her high school certificate, a career in Personal Training ticked all the boxes for the athletic teen, whilst a seed was also planted for the holistic benefits of exercise with mental health. After a short stint on Cruise Ships as a Fit Pro, Steph joined the Branson consortium, where she met Jaime amidst high kicks and an impressively weighted tricep extension within the Group Fitness team.

Whilst initially drawn to cueing burpees in time with Pitball’s Timber, Steph developed a fascination for posture and a love for the little muscles. She began to recognise that her training programme that was full of impact and intensity would only be sustainable if she invested in strengthening her core.

STOTT Trained in both Mat and Reformer Pilates, Steph is well appointed to navigate a comprehensive repertoire, with accessible options for beginners and more intricate progressions for advanced participants.

Steph’s teaching style reflects a magical union between burn and balance, a testament to the reconfiguration of her training. Look out for Steph’s Scooter challenge; your glutes will require a personal fire extinguisher!

Marney Hands

Marney Hands

Warriewood based Make-Up Artist Marney opted into Pilates following a personal epiphany about the inimitable interplay between physical movement and mental connection, exclusively experienced within her Pilates practice. With a morning alarm regularly set to sparrow o’clock, and a schedule that would send anyone cross-eyed, high efficiency and a focussed workout also made pilates a firm favourite for this working Mamma, as well as motivating her transition from client to coach.

Marney’s engagement at The Spring Collective was cemented rapidly as a result of her authentic duty of care for client wellbeing and passionate commitment to creating a safe and successful environment for first timers through to seasoned practitioners. Her training with world class training provider STOTT delivered by acclaimed mentor Lisa Kaye, has armed Marney with a commendable knowledge of spinal rehabilitation and performance enhancement via a contemporary approach to the original method.

Marney’s teaching style is moderate and purposeful, providing easy to follow cues and body landmarks to ensure each exercise is performed without unnecessary complication. Her classes are popular as a result of her careful programming but also her incredibly calm demeanour and gentle coaching technique.

Citing Roll Downs and Semi-Circles as her favourite Reformer exercises, Marney believes a balance of foundational and advanced movement will always ensure satisfaction and aspiration feature in every studio session.
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