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Think about Pilates in the same way you would most other exercise programmes. Wear comfortable, breathable fabrics that allow your body to move freely. Remember that you are likely to spend some time lying on your back, kneeling, standing and sitting. Pilates is performed in socks, specifically grip socks to prevent slipping and aid stability. Toe Socks® are available for purchase at the studio.

Yes please! We ask that all clients wear grip socks when using the Reformer or Tower apparatus. This will ensure that your safety and comfort is optimised. It also means that we maintain a high level of hygiene and sweet smelling hand and foot straps! Toe Socks® are available for purchase at the studio.

We ask that you bring a towel to your class, as you may get a little sweaty. Cold filtered water is available at the studio for your convenience, so bring your favourite water bottle, or better still nab yourself a Spring Collective SOL bottle from the studio. #sofancy

Please arrive at your class five minutes before start time to allow for seamless setup and notification of any physical conditions to your instructor. And to guarantee a spot on your favourite bed!

Weight loss is reliant on both physical exercise and a healthy diet. You can expect to burn calories during a Pilates class, but not as many as you would through cardio-based training such as running or swimming.

Additionally, be mindful of the importance of consistency, if you love Pilates you will do it often, if you hate running you will dread tying up your running shoes. If your goal is weight loss, try to combine Pilates with a strength session and a cardio session each week.

At The Spring Collective, our classes are suitable for clients who have engaged Pilates pre-pregnancy and are in their first trimester. Due to the nature of a group led environment we do not recommend Group Reformer or Group Tower beyond the first trimester. However, our restore and recover programme is suitable during pregnancy.

You can! Pilates will strengthen and stretch the body to create balance. Pilates will strengthen your core, which will, in turn, stabilize and protect your spine. Certain exercises should, however, be approached with caution and the team at The Spring Collective will coach you through this.

Yes, your class credits will give you reciprocal access to both studios.

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