from the pilates
fanatic to the
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Henry’s Cadillac had
an impressive chassis,
But Joseph’s bodywork won us over.

The Reformer uses springs, pulleys and ropes to add resistance. The Tower (also known as half Cadillac) adds further dimension with the facilitation of horizontal to vertical moment patterns. Engaging both apparatus will enrich your Pilates experience by combining familiar exercises and exciting new sequences.


The Reformer is undoubtedly the most popular of apparatus based Pilates. Providing an exceptional workout for increased core stability, muscle strength and endurance, improved posture, flexibility and reduction in body fat, we dare you not to get seriously addicted.

Pilates Reformer classes are suitable for all levels.
Pilates Reformer classes are suitable during pregnancy up until 14 weeks.


The Spring Collective brings a unique Pilates offering to Sydney’s Northern Beaches with Group Tower Classes. Also known as The Cadillac (The Joseph Pilates type not Henry Ford type) or Trap Table, The Tower provides an evolution to Mat Pilates with the addition of springs for support and challenge. Specific benefits include improved blood flow and the maximising of lean muscle. Challenging the body in multiple planes of motion, The Pilates Tower provides the most diversity of all Pilates apparatus.

Pilates Tower classes are suitable for all levels.
Pilates Tower classes are suitable during pregnancy up until 14 weeks.


Utilising both the Reformer and Tower apparatus, this class provides maximum movement planes, which will challenge whole body co-ordination and improve efficiency in muscle recruitment and joint mobility. Combining the independent use of each piece of apparatus and also both in conjunction, you will work your body like never before.

Pilates Reformer/Tower Combo classes are suitable for all levels.
Pilates Reformer/Tower Combo classes are suitable during pregnancy up until 14 weeks.


A fun fusion of Pilates and Ballet, Barre is the ultimate workout for those seeking a high intensity class with minimum impact. From Pliés to planks the portfolio of exercises are taught to music so you can sing as you sweat, if you manage to catch your breath! Choreography is kept simple so fear not if you skipped the Billy Elliot gene, this class is suitable for absolutely everybody. It is also a firm favourite for pregnant mamas wanting to maintain their pilates practice until their final semester.

Barre classes are suitable for all levels.
Classes are suitable during pregnancy.


With a strong focus on Reformer technique and execution, this class focuses on lengthening, aligning and balancing the body. Gaining total control over your bodily movements with a solid neurological connection is reinforced within this programme type.  This class is also suitable for more advanced participants as a complimentary slower-paced offering, or those in need of deeper focus on stretching.

Reformer Restore and Recover classes are suitable for all levels.
Reformer Restore and Recover classes are suitable during pregnancy.


This class provides a safe and effective re-introduction of postpartum mums into the world of fitness. Ensuring unique birth experiences are identified, programmes are tailored to suit. Overall we focus on developing internal strength slowly, whilst still inducing a surge of serotonin for the often sleep deprived super mamma. Bambinos are welcome until they start to crawl, whilst prams, bassinets or play mats provide a safe station for them at the side of your workout space

Mums and bubs classes are designed for new Mummas returning to exercise with their babies.
These classes are best suited to babies who are not yet crawling.


With virtual experiences still the preference of some, our little sister TSC On Demand is a premium pilates experience, home delivered. Capturing all of our commended in-studio flows at the press of a button, this option is perfect for those working from home, travelling for work or looking after little people. At just $19.95 a month, TSC On Demand is also the perfect add-on for those wanting to increase the frequency of their practice at a minimum cost.

Virtual Pilates classes are suitable for all levels, and a great compliment to your regular Studio practice or for those unable to access the studio. 
These classes are suitable during pregnancy.

Class Timetable

With over fifty classes a week, putting Pilates into your schedule is a piece of cake at The Spring Collective.




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